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Palestinian Ismail Qassem "Abu Zuhair" prepares pastries to sell to his customers at the gold market in Gaza City on March 4, 2021. The Qassem family members prepare and sell food consisting of pizza pills, thyme, eggs, coffee drinks and other items, in their shop located in the Gold Market. The Gold Market is a narrow covered passageway located in the old quarter of Gaza; it is both a center for trading and buying gold, and location for foreign exchange. The Market lies along the southern edge of the Great Mosque of Gaza, beside the main Omar Mukhtar Street. Gazan judge Sheikh Shams ad-Din al-Himsi ordered the construction of the Gold Market in 1476 CE, under Mamluk rule in Palestine. The Market originally formed a part of a much larger covered market, but most of the area was destroyed by the British Army during World War. Photo by mohammed salem