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Palestinian men relax at the ancient Hamam Al-Samra, a traditional Turkish steam bath, in Gaza City, on March 3, 2021. Hammam al-Samra is one of the most important Ottoman architectural landmarks in Palestine. It is located in the Zeitoun neighborhood in Gaza and is considered one of the wonderful examples of the Ottoman baths in the country. It is the only bathroom remaining so far in Gaza City, where the splendor in its planning and the gradual transition from the hot room to the warm room to the cold room, which was roofed with a dome with round openings intertwined with colored glass allowing the sunlight to penetrate to illuminate the hall with natural light that gives the place elegance and beauty. The beautiful floor is paved with marble roundabouts, squares and triangles of various colors, and the bathroom was recently restored. Photo by Dawoud Abo Alkas