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Amel Abu Rgayeg, a 40 years old Palestinian refugee carpenter, works in her small carpentry workshop, at al-Nusairat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, 08 March 2018. Amel was married to a man from the Arab citizens of Israel, and has a 22-years old daughter named Hadeel Al Avenish. She is a brain atrophy patient. Amel got a divorce after she visited her family in Gaza Strip with her daughter in 1998 and were prevented from returning by the Israeli army. Amel learned carpentry on her own and opened a small shop in 2010 at al-Nusairat refugee camp near her family house, now because of the economic situation and the siege, the financial return is very weak, she can't pay the rent of the place and she can't provide the need of her handicapped daughter. Photo by Ashraf Amra